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Terms and Conditions / Preparation Guide



 Microcement southwest ltd Terms and Conditions / Preparation Guide

Any sample provided by MSL is to be seen as a guide and not a guarantee of the product’s final appearance. Due to the nature and manufacture of microcement as well as the curing and finishing process, each item produced will be unique and individual in appearance. Every effort will be made to ensure continuity on each project. Variations in product appearance and colour, flecking, pitting, dappling and texture are considered to be part of the natural beauty of the material and are not seen as defects. The use of sealers to protect the surface does not constitute a guarantee that the surface will not stain or allow liquids to penetrate. Sealants are used to help prevent staining and liquid penetration by providing the client time to clean away staining material as with the vast majority of flooring materials. It is the client’s responsibility to remain diligent in the removal of possible stain causing or penetrating substances. Bleach is not recommended to clean on our sealers / materials and we are able to provide a list of recommended cleaning products.

Site Set Up

Prior to commencement of works a site survey must be arranged to assess the quality of surfaces to be applied to. We will be available to advise on any preparation issues and how best to prepare a substrate for microcement. Site visits are free and a very important part of the overall process and are encouraged.

The work site must be completely clear of dust and other trades within the areas where MSLwill be carrying out microcement application. Any airborne dust will damage the finished complexion of microcement and the sealants used to finish. It is advised that microcement works take place after all building trades have taken place and in some instances before decorators complete their work, particularly if painting ceilings above microcment walls. If for any reason this is not possible, the microcement floors must be protected in strict accordance with our advice, allowing at least a 72 hour curing period. Floors must be protected with non-marking, breathable fabric, and topped with correx, shaped and taped so the entire surface is covered properly. Any damage caused by other trades working on the microcement will not be the responsibility of MSL, and repairs will be charged for.

Where microcement is installed to bathtubs, sinks or shower bases it is the responsibility of the client to ensure slopes are in place to facilitate water flow to desired drains. Microcement provides a cover of 2-3mm and cannot be used to build slopes for water flow.

With microcement being just 2-3mm in depth it will cover only minor imperfections and it is imperative that plasterboard, wood, screed or other surface being applied to are as smooth as the desired finish. It is also imperative that any thresholds or joints are completely bound and smooth to ensure future cracks do not appear.

Maintenance of Microcement

Microcement floors are not solid concrete and will be as strong as the substrate it is applied to. Microcement must be treated with the same care as a wooden or similar floor. It is possible to dent a microcement floor, and sharp objects can puncture the sealant on the surfaces, leaving it prone to staining. It is recommended that you purchase a container of the sealant we provide to touch up such areas.

Damage repair, any reparation work requested as a result of damage by other parties will be costed and scheduled separately.


Our Microcement manufacturer cimentart provide a full 5 year guarantee which covers against any fault with materials.

For bathrooms, wet rooms, kitchen work tops or any related area where water leaks may take place below the microcement MSL take no responsibility where the fault is to be that of another trade, plumber, or other person carrying out substrate work. The trade responsible for the fault will also be billed for any microcement repair work.


Deposit for materials paid on acceptsance of quote.

Full payment paid on day of completion.